Friday, 13 July 2012

Nouvelles Choses

Let me start by saying i love River Island shoes, it has never been a shop i really thought of when it comes to shoes till last year. I bought a pair of black suede heels with gold cuffs which are goregous and comfortable and that my dears is how the love affair began.  You see, as much as looks are important when it comes to picking the right footwear, comfort for me is at the top of the list; i am not a big fan of the 'no pain, no gain' adage when it comes to shoes.

This recent shoe purchase from River Island is another item which i never imagined myself wearing. Whenever i think of slip on heels, i think of African mothers (older gen) with their matching bags and big head scarfs, and before anyone jumps to conclusions, i am African :)...anyway, so imagine my surprise when i spotted this pair and took a liking to it instantly. Does this mean i am getting old? does it mean I'll start wearing matching shoes and bags, oh the horror!!!! #joke

I tried it on and it looked amazing, especially with the skinny jeans i was wearing :) is oh so comfortable and the heels are not too high #bonus #irecommend #doesnotbreakthebank

Next purchase was this cream floral print maxi, shop it HERE....I seem to have fallen prey to the print bug and i am a big fan of maxi pieces, so imagine my delight at this. It also has a hi-low styling, so two trends in one :)

This Fiorelli croc Ipad case is absolutely gorgeous, i love everything about it, the colour, the feel, it had me drooling....everything was just right and perfect till i realised that i did not own an Ipad,  and as such purchasing this item for no damn reason would be a shame, so i respected myself, placed it down nicely and sulked out of the shop.

Last but not least are my Body Shop beauty buys....i am definitely the fall asleep with makeup kind of girl and have been doing so nonchalantly for many years. However recently i have noticed that my skin has decided to fight back in the form of break outs #sadtimes thankfully not in a massive way, but nonetheless, it has given me the necessary wake up call i needed to get my facial act together!!!

I picked up a passion fruit cleansing gel and the cleansing facial wash which i use first. Then i use the cucumber cleansing milk with a cotton pad and finally the cucumber water as a toner to finish off.

Although it is too early to really give an accurate rating on the effectiveness of these products, my skin does feel better, not sure if this is just me feeling happier with myself for actually being strict and keeping to the facial routine. I shall keep you posted :)

If any of you have used these facial products, please drop me a comment in the box below, was it any good, what were your experiences and would you recommend it.....also please feel free to recommend any other facial products you think are really good for combination skin, as you know the quest for the right beauty product never ends, so i am still on the look out x


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