Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pyjamas: not just bedroom wear anymore (Guest Post)

Having previously disappeared from most women’s bedrooms around 1950, it seems
lately that pyjamas have become not only acceptable outdoor wear, but also an
unexpected fashion influence. They’ve been everywhere recently, from the runways
of Rochas and Dries Van Noten, to the red carpet (both Rihanna and Nicola Roberts
stepped out in pyjama-esque suits) and even Kim Kardashian on the cover of US

Now, we all know pyjamas are comfortable but does wearing them outside your
home seem glamorous or a little too much like crazy-cat-lady behaviour? After all,
unless you’re ill or raising money for charity, who wears pyjamas after getting out of
bed, let alone out of the house?

This trend has been around in various permutations for some time now, with mixed
reactions from the public. In fact, the style is causing quite a stir across the pond
with a Louisiana commissioner trying to enact a law banning the public wearing of

To show you how to rock the look, Glamour UK has compiled a list of 
23 uber-fashionable celebrities who adore the PJ style, showing you who got it right and who
got it very, very wrong. The key is to mix the nightwear with day wear; a blazer over
a cute vest top, pyjama shirts over jeans or a work blouse with loose PJ bottoms.

A warning though: pyjamas aren’t exactly suitable for the unpredictable British
weather. Also, they’re probably not suitable for work either, unless your boss takes a
very relaxed attitude to casual Fridays.

For those of you who are a little less brave, you can always try out the trend in the
bedroom first. has a beautiful collection of women’s pyjamas, and with
these styles you’re bound to get rave reviews.


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