Sunday, 1 July 2012

Chronicles of Naija - The Food Diary

I came, i saw and i ATE!!!!!

This post is an ode to all the delicious Nigerian delicacies i consumed whilst on vacation. I am not joking when i say majority of what i did centered around eating and making sure that i sampled all the things i had craved for so long.

White Rice with Spinach and fired plantain, served with Chicken stew

Efo Riro (Spinach) - cooked with dry fish, pepper & spices

Eba (made from Cassava flour) served with Egusi Soup and Fish stew

Jollof Rice, Garnished fried beef & fried plantain

Top Picture- White Rice with assorted meat stew
Bottom Picture- Garinished Snail, Fisherman's pepper soup

Suya - Grilled meat served with special suya pepper

Nkwobi - Cowleg delicacy

Ofada rice & stew with Moimoi
Ofada rice- Whole grain unprocessed rice
moi-moi- made from blended beans, onions, pepper and seasoning and your choice of boiled egg or sardine

I am not usually a white wine fan, but this South African wine by Noble Hill was lovely

Shawarma  Nigerian style - This right here is the BUSINESS, absolutely delicious, tastes different to the ones sold in the UK
In certain places they add a special sausage which gives it the finger licking goodness  #LOVEIT

Agege Bread with Akara
Akara (bean cake)- made from blended beans, onions and spices which is then fried

Ube (African Pear)- Usually eaten with Corn but can also be eaten on it's own

SuperYogo-  Frozen Yoghurt icecream
The best in the world FULL STOP



  1. You are killing me with these food pictures. I'm now craving suya from Naija & especially Nigerian Shawarma (I prefer it to the ones out here).

  2. @Henessy hehe, i am craving it too just by looking at this post. I still find myself reminiscing and saying 'this time two weeks ago i was eating xyz' lol