Tuesday, 29 May 2012

X-Factor Style watch: London Auditions

The X-factor auditions have kicked off around the UK and one of my TresChic sources was on hand to capture a few exclusive pictures of the judges from inside the London auditions.

Don't  you just love Rita Ora's style, i don't think i have seen her in anything that looked less than gorgeous. I also love the contrast of her blonde hair against her skin, you all know she isn't a natural blonde right? Lol

Heard there were some really really talented contestants today, we'll just have to wait for the show to premier to judge for ourselves :)

PS: Tulisa sexiest woman in the 'world' according to FHM, what say ye???

Rita Ora & Tulisa both rocking bang on trend brights, an essential staple this season.

I love the OTT gold accessories Rita is wearing, gold is BIG at the moment....well, REAL Gold is always in fashion but this season, every fashionista is rocking at the very least a huge gold plated watch with lots of arm candy.

I am currently on the hunt for a really obnoxious gold plated watch, i am really trying to stay away from getting a Michael Kors one because everyone seems to be wearing his watches these days.....if you have any ideas of places i can get one, please let me know xoxo  
Gary Barlow, Rita Ora, Tulisa & Louis Walsh

Clearer picture of Rita's outfit courtesy daily mail, read full article HERE

She even got to ride in a private jet, all together now in Naeto C's voice 'levels don change now, I'm 10/10' lol 

Monday, 28 May 2012

Little Red Nose Girl

I am currently the red nose girl, thanks to this ridiculous flu i have caught at the most ridiculous time of the year. It is gloriously sunny outside and everyone is dressed all summery and here i am with only one functional nostril, watery eyes and feeling sorry for myself!!

As i type, i am drowning in a sea of tissue and clutching my Robb (ointment balm, extremely popular amongst Africans) #Sad times

Anyway to cheer myself up, i am listening to my favourite tracks out at the moment....contrary to what you may think, they are cheering me up despite being soppy love/heart break songs lol 


And just for old times sake, i put this in too......I LOSE my mind when 'ride on time' comes on, the power in Lorretta Holloway's voice is simply AMAZING!!!!

And There Was SUN

Last week was warm warm warm, we had gloriously sunny weather in the UK, i think we peaked at 28 degrees or even higher in some places :)

This obviously meant that everyone was out in force in the least amount of clothing possible without exposing their privates, and i am NOT exaggerating!!!!! I wish my camera was taking pictures of what my eyes were being subjected to!

Here's a look back at some of my outfits from last week......whilst compiling these pictures, i realised what a H&M junkie i am :)

Top - Primarni
Jeans & Jacket - H&M
Shoes - Topshop

Scarf - random shop in Paris
Blazer- Warehouse

Jeans- H&M

Glasses- Mummy's :)
Cropped Jeans Jacket - Gap (2004 & they still fit :)

Went to check out the AquabyAqua sample sale with Chichi :))))

Dress - H&M (last summer)

Top - H&M
Ring- Miss Selfridge
Body Jewellery - Miss Selfridge

Glasses- Carolina Herrara

The Flaming Drog

So the Olympic torch and it's fanfare rolled into my area of work last week (Swindon) and i went along with a couple of my colleagues to join in the festivities.....did i mention Drogba was one of the torchbearers :)

PS: Am i the only one who thought there was only one Olympic torch???? i saw like a gazillion in one of the buses, you should have seen my face :(
OOTD : Floral trousers Primarni, bracelet topshop


Can you spot the Drog???


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Make It Your Own

Hi TCGs, quick post before i have to head out to work :)

I was talking to my friend yesterday about customization and how in fashion a spade isn't always a spade blah blah blah

To cut a long story short, i like to play around with dresses and skirts and see what different ways i can wear them other than how the designer intended. Those close to me, know that i am not really a big fan of extremely short outfits unless i can wear them with tights, therefore some of my customizations centre around how i can make short outfits wearable for me.

Here are a few 'make it your own' outfits that i have done in the past, what do you think?

White Asymetric Rolf dress -AquabyAqua
Skirt -Whistles
Clutch bag - Accessorize

Aqua have recently re-released the Rolf dress so you can purchase it HERE although they only have purple in stock now

My ride or die friend Chichi, love her loads

I love the exaggerated detailing at the top

Sequins & Champagne

 I loved the first outfit so much i decided to do something similar with another Aqua dress i have.

Dress - AquabyAqua
Skirt - whistles

I purposely didn't crop out this lady, don't you just love traditional Nigerian outfits??? I love that Nigerians aren't afraid of colour  #colourmeNigerian :)

How short is this dress???? there is no way i would be able to walk out of  my house in this alone #weirdeyes 

I call this outfit 'create your own peplum'......teamed an LBD with a tutu skirt from Topshop, added my River Island belt  and BAM

Monday, 14 May 2012

T.O.W.Y - Dubai

 I was in Dubai last week, so thought i would share a few pictures from my trip. Unfortunately there are no snaps of me lounging in a bikini by the beach because this was a business trip (Business Analyst by day)

I captured these outside working hours :)


Bag- Fiorelli
Skirt -FCUK
Top- H&M
Sunglasses - Mummy's from the 70's
 Why does my bun look so high up, i think i need to watch a few tutorials on youtube asap!!!!!

I really can't get enough of these earrings from Miss Selfridge

Skirt -Next
Top -Topshop
Bag -Burberry
Red belt - River Island
Rubber bow slippers - Kurt Geiger

Key Candy


Victoria Secrets comes to mind

How rich and fabulous is this colour???

Check out the detailing.....i fell in love instantly