Sunday, 13 January 2013

NEW IN : The Haul Chronicles

It is sales season and you know what that means, lots and lots of new things at ridiculously low prices, however I've been pacing myself and holding back from doing a lot of shopping. As it's a new year, one of my goals every year is to save much more than i did in the previous year, and 2013 is no different.

Anyway thought i would share some of the things that i have picked up thus far.

Faux fur & leather gloves (H&M in Selfridges £5), it was love at first sight when i spotted these gloves, they looked sophisticated and different, and anyone who knows me well, knows how much i love faux fur. Imagine my surprise when i found out the price and best of all it is real leather, can someone say mega bargain

BIBA phone case (£11.50) - as you know i  got an iPhone for Christmas and i have been on the look out for a phone case but hadn't found anything. I randomly popped into House of Fraser in Victoria and found this little gem, i love everything about it down to tassels.

At first sight it looked like a blackberry case but when i put my iPhone in, it fits with only a little bit sticking out which is perfectly fine with me. I instagrammed this case and got messages from people asking about it, even my mum made me go and pick up one for her. It comes in different colours, from black to animal prints, there is something for everyone.

Shoes Kurt Geiger £35, open toe shoes are big at the moment and i love this one with bows at the back and front. I got it in Harrods and as you can see, i loved it so much i bought the black version too, i haven't yet worn them out but they feel very comfortable.

Real Techniques Shading brush - I recently bought my first real techniques brush which was a stippling brush and it is amazeballs, blends in foundation so well, as a result i though I'd start building up my collection of their brushes as they are quite good and not as expensive as MAC brushes.

Topshop Patent Bow Shoes (£12) - I bought this as my new everyday work shoes but as you can see it can easily be  worn with non -formal looks. It has a nice cut out in the inside of the shoes which gives it a funky feel, funny thing is some lady really wanted these shoes as well but it was the last one, i could see her praying that i wouldn't like them whilst i was trying them on hehe

Zara statement bracelet (bought for £12.99 but now down to £9.99) - I have been on the hunt and still am for statement jewel necklaces but i have still now seen any, the ones i have seen and love are from Mawi but right now i can't justify spending that kind of money on one necklace. Anyway this piece will brighten up any look and is a great arm candy.

Lilee for Asos lace Skirt - I have had my eye on this skirt for a while now and had to snap it up when it went down further in the sale. This is a gorgeous high waist skirt, the fit is lovely, i absolutely love the detailing on the front although i think i might have to sew down some of the things (not sure what to call it) in front


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  3. Nice picks, the phone case is so pretty :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

    1. thanks Santenne...I know right, and very affordable, you should check out House of Fraser, they still have them in stock :)

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