Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Bag & I

Like every girl out there i LOVE bags and i collect them. I say collect because despite having lots of bags, i tend to gravitate towards carrying only a select few on a regular basis. I am the type of person that could carry one bag for two months straight, which is usually driven by it being a new purchase. Also i tend to buy really big bags for everyday use and somehow my entire life seems to find its way in there, so changing bags on regular basis is more of a hassle.  

The Zara Shopper Basket below is my bag of choice right now, i absolutely love love love this bag!!!! it looks great, doesn't break the bank but most importantly it has the SIZE FACTOR. When it comes to bags, my motto is BIG BIG BIG.

Sadly there are two flaws applicable to owning this bag, see mini essay below (my opinion) 

  1. Every Tom, Dick, Harry & their sister's friend's sister has this bag. I have never really been someone who cares about other people having what i have, in actual fact, i take pleasure in being able to point people in the right direction when it comes to clothes, bags blah blah. However, i had a week off work and literally every corner i turned in London, there was at least five girls carrying this bag :(
  2. No Zip - Zara really meant it when they named this bag a basket, it is an open basket and i feel slightly exposed when i go to densely populated areas such as Oxford street or shopping centres. I feel like anyone can easily put their hands into my bag and snatch my wallet or something without me noticing grrrrrr
All that being said, i still LOVE this bag and will continue to rock it alongside my other Zaralites

Thought i would also include a few of my other trusty everyday bags 



  1. Omalicha, I love your collection. Yea, that Zara bag is bang on trend. Your bags deserve some serious fashion high-fives...;)

  2. There is a zip at the bottom of the inside pouch of the basket bag that zips to the other side of the bag to give your belongings some privacy. Im not sure if you knew that or if that just wasn't enough security for you. Hope this helped in some small way. :-)

  3. thanks PLL :), i am aware of the zip, i just don't feel it is practical or makes the bag secure enough....i still love the bag though :)