Sunday, 1 July 2012

Chronicles Of Naija - The Outfit Diary

Hi Lovies,

As i alluded to in my previous post, i recently went on a well deserved holiday to Nigeria and only got back last sunday. Prior to that i had not been on holiday for two years, two freaking years.

I got in on 8th June and it was non-stop from there. I had breakfast with the BF, lunch with friends, then we went to a new bar called SIP. The decor|setting was nice but the music was crap, maybe it had something to do with the fact that dance|house music was the last thing i wanted to spend my entire night listening to after being bombarded with it in London. I was in the mood for some serious grooving and only the latest naija (Nigerian) jams would suffice!!!! so off to club Likwid we went, and the DJ didn't disappoint.

We did go back to SIP a couple more times and i must say the music and atmosphere improved, it is one of the  popular bars in Lagos at the moment and gets really packed. I saw so many people from my university days who have subsequently moved back to Nigeria, so everytime i hit SIP it was like a re-union party of sorts which i loved.

Some chill out spots i visited which i would recommend if you ever go to Lagos are Raddison Blu, i loved the outdoor bar and live music on a thursday. I am not sure why, but i was really impressed with the vocal ability of the live band and attempted to dance a couple of times, but the BF shot me some looks of  'do you see anyone on the dancefloor' #givemeabreak
Four Points by Sheration's roof top bar, again great atmosphere and mellow live band playing.  Churrasco is another spot i like, another outdoor bar & restuarant serving nice cocktails and Suya (grilled thinly sliced meat).

Aside from a bit of partying, this trip was more about just relaxing, spending QT with the BF, eating LOTS of good local/traditional food & NOT thinking about work. I am seriously afraid to weigh myself right now with the copious amounts of mouth watering delicacies i consumed on a daily basis....i think my adoption of YOLO for the entire duration of the trip might just come back to bite me.

Here are a few outfits i wore. Please ignore the picture quality, i still always forget that i have a camera & as such used the BF's ipad and my phone to take most of the pics *hides face*.

Dress- H&M
Bag- Vintage (Beyond Retro)
Sandals - Topshop (old)
Watch- BF's (can't remember the name)

Shirt- H&M
Skirt- NEXT
Bag- Osprey

I really should have been a lawyer :)


Dress- House of Fraser

Lace Dress - Untold (House of Fraser)
Shoes - Zara

Basic Vest- H&M
Belt-River Island
Mesh Skirt- NEXT
Slippers- Kurt Geiger


Top - Zara
Jeans- Zara


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  1. *sigh* you had soooo much fun and I didn't even get to see you.