Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rose & Spinning bottles

So i know it's been a little while since my last post, and to be honest i haven't really got a valid reason for being such a lazy pixie, so accept my apologies and let's move on *insert puppy eyes*

This weekend, i decided to take the plunge and get my hair cut, i didn't go to the extreme but i definitely went out of my comfort zone length wise. I am extremely blessed when it comes to having long and thick hair, however my problems began last year when i got bored and wanted to experiment with colour #bad move

To cut a long story short, my hair has been breaking and looking unhealthy and as much as i have been trying to will it back to health, my positive thoughts haven't resulted in much. So on Saturday, i decided to cut my losses and cut off all the unhealthy parts, get reconstructive treatment and begin my journey back to full healthy new hair.

The journey has begun and i will keep you updated on my progress, what do you guys think of the new cut? does it get a yay or nay?

After getting my hair done, i headed off to my friend Erenma's house for her cousin's birthday 'come chop'. A 'come chop' is a Nigerian term used when someone doesn't really want to have a party, they just invite a few friends round for food, drinks and to hang out, sometimes, it unintentionally turns into a party.

I had a blast, good food, Kelz on the decks, drinks (I think i went slightly overboard on the rose), great company and lots of red velvet cake, what more could i ask for? we even ended up playing truth or dare, which i haven't played in a long time.

All in all, i had a fab weekend and i hope you all did too.

Birthday Girl Nnezi

What the flip was up with our eyes????

Take 2

Love this collage, copped from Miss Stylez in the red


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