Monday, 29 October 2012

Impromptu shopping finds

Trousers - Topshop outlet £5 each (mega bargain)

Recently, i tend to find the best bargains and outfits when i am not looking which is great. For a long time now, i keep hearing about the Topshop outlet store in Edgware but i have never really been motivated to go there because it is so far, the end of the northern line to be precise (major trek)

On Friday i found myself in the Edgware area and decided to kill two birds with one stone; so i popped into this infamous shop to see what the bargain hype is all about.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a vast array of clothes in all sizes at ridiculously low prices. For some reason i gravitated towards the trousers and picked out a few, i will definately be heading back there in there near future, it is definately worth. I was even told by the shop assistant that i missed out on a buy one get one promo they had recently, so if you are in the area, i would recommend it.

Here are some of my purchases

High Waist, silky PJ texture & sexy

Semi high waist

Below are some items which i have purchased recently but not from the outlet........

Topshop Sale £20

I can't get enough of dresses in this shape #inlove

Below are items i didn't purchase but i am in lust with.........

Urban Outfitter

Lace Goodness- Zara

Two tone boots - H&M on sale for £15

Can i get a major YES for these gold tip loafer/slippers - River Island


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