Saturday, 4 August 2012

Every Girl Needs One - CleanHeels

I came across Cleanheels by chance whilst reading a popular daily publication. It was one of those, wow what a brilliant idea moments, something i could see myself in all year round.

The concept is simple, they provide two products, heel stoppers and heel sleeves. The heel stoppers stop you from sinking into soft grounds; so think garden party, festival (yup if you are a non-respecter of occasions like me you will wear heels to a damn festival because it works better with your outfit),  weddings. Then think of the sinking feeling you experienced plus the slight anger and frustration when you realised damn i might have damaged my heels and i have to clean it when i get home.

The second product is the heel sleeves which is a long term protection for the heel length which shrinks to fit the size of your heels.

Cleanheels is the brainchild of Ally Stephenson, a woman who got fed up of sinking into gardens and soft grounds but unlike the rest of us, decided to do something about it. I admire people like her who think outside the box to get results, and before you say/think it's not a complicated concept/idea to execute, I'll retort, then why didn't you think of it first!!!!

I personally love it and  think it is a brilliant idea, a must have for all the heel wearing ladies out there. I am just thinking back to a few weeks ago when i was at my friends wedding, and the amount of times i almost fell over getting stuck in the grass with my heels, this wouldn't have happened if i had Cleanheels.

ooh and the best part is that it doesn't break the bank, which is a bonus. If bought directly from their website, you can get it from as little as £4.99 for a plain one and £5.99 for the crystal flower one. Check them out HERE

What do you girlies think, will you be Cleanheeling it down the road anytime soon?

Heel Sleeves - Post & Pre Shrink

Heel Sleeve 101

1. Select a Heel Sleeve for the heel, this
will shrink 50% during fitting.
2. Slide tube onto the heel and stand shoe
on table.
3. Use your hairdryer on full heat, moving
around the tube until sleeve fits snuggly.
4. When you no longer need the tube, cut
with scissors inside the heel to remove.

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