Tuesday, 1 May 2012

TresChic Likes : 87Couture

I am in major lust mode for 87couture pieces right now and thought i might as well blog about it.

87Couture is the brainchild of Adaobi Okoli, a 25 year old London college of Fashion alumni and Lagos based designer. I am really excited about her very first collection, because she combines everything that is relevant in fashion right now and puts her own spin on it to produce a fabulous summer collection that should be a part of every fashionista's wardrobe.
I love the prints, the cuts, colours but most importantly the fact that her designs are wearable. For me as a consumer, i don't just want to look at clothes, think they are nice and move on; i want to look at clothes, think they are nice and ENVISION myself in them!!!! and that my friends is what endears me to 87Couture :)

Adaobi Okoli: My debut collection is called 'made in the 80's' and is an ode to the era I was born in,which empowered women to express their style  in the most avant garde and colorfully obnoxious manner, and is one that continues to influence fashion till date. 80's bold prints and a mismatch of colors are at the core of many trends prevailing in modern fashion.

Being of African descent, I am naturally drawn to colors, prints, textures and fabric. My culture is my muse, drawing inspiration from the ancient Benin bronze sculptures, the Igbo feathered "chief staffs" and our famous Ankara print, meshed together with my love of the 80's births a unique, playful and innovative approach to fashion.

The 60's is another era I've drawn from when creating my dresses. Old style icon influences like coco chanel and aubrey hepburn are also evident in my work, as I learnt from them, the importance of dressing a woman elegantly.

Thus, my love for vintage fashion, the loud freedom of expression of the 80's and my cultural heritage has led to my brand, 87 couture, for all women who want to feel beautiful.

I didn't want to go down the route of just putting up professional pictures, i added 'normal' everyday snaps culled from her facebook page in addition to some professional snaps.

PS: I love the fact that Adaobi is a major ambassador of her brand, she wears 87couture and she wears it well.

Enjoy & be sure to let me know what you think :)

My Favourite: Major Hearts

Adaobi Okoli pictured in 87couture courtsey Bella Naija

If you want more details on this collection or have any enquiries, you can contact the designer directly via twitter @adaobi87couture

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