Monday, 28 May 2012

Little Red Nose Girl

I am currently the red nose girl, thanks to this ridiculous flu i have caught at the most ridiculous time of the year. It is gloriously sunny outside and everyone is dressed all summery and here i am with only one functional nostril, watery eyes and feeling sorry for myself!!

As i type, i am drowning in a sea of tissue and clutching my Robb (ointment balm, extremely popular amongst Africans) #Sad times

Anyway to cheer myself up, i am listening to my favourite tracks out at the moment....contrary to what you may think, they are cheering me up despite being soppy love/heart break songs lol 


And just for old times sake, i put this in too......I LOSE my mind when 'ride on time' comes on, the power in Lorretta Holloway's voice is simply AMAZING!!!!

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