Monday, 16 April 2012

It's all about Aqua

I discovered Aqua by Aqua clothing in 2010 and it is amazing & great  to see how much growth they have experienced creatively and in terms of brand awareness.

In any case, this post is less about their history and more about their amazing new collection "Electric Dreams", every piece in this collection is a MUST HAVE and has me droooling.  I love the fabrics, the cut  but most importantly the continued boldness of their pieces, their splits and cut outs are dangerously sexy, so proceed with caution!!!

It really is difficult to choose my favourite pieces from this collection, but one thing i will say is that there is definately something for every fashionista in there.

Hmmmm that "Sequin  Kimono Maxi" hmmmmm #continuesdrooling

check out the entire collection below and let me know what you guys think

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