Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nature's Response: Beauty Review

This beauty review has been a long time coming, but i have honestly not had any time with starting  a new job (sob story). 

As i type, my bed is screaming my name knowing full well that tommorow is monday but let's not dwell on that.

In January, the lovely people at Teatree Ltd sent me the below products to use and review. The products i got were a face wash, exfoliating body scrub and a spot zapper.

This review will mostly focus on the face wash as this is what i have used the most and loved. I am not a big body scrub person, so have only tried the exfoliating body scrub once and i must say it did leave my skin feeling nice and soft afterwards. 
Something just came to me whilst writing this, i wonder if you can use an exfoliating body scrub as a facial scrub? i do like to exfoliate my face every week but it never occurred to me till now that i could have used this. I might give this a try and update this post accordingly :)

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty expert and as such this review is based on my personal experience of this product and how i feel it worked for me and not based on any scientific or expert opinion. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Teatree Ltd and their full range of products, then check out their website HERE 

I loved this face wash, it has a light consistency and gives a clean finish. What i mean by this is that when i was wearing what i call 'normal' coverage makeup (everyday makeup non- heavy), after using this product, my face felt clean and all the make up was gone. I didn't have to do a second wash just to get all the make up off my face.

Although when you open this product, the smell of tea tree/witch hazel is obvious, i found that didn't reflect in anyway on how this felt on my skin. I have found in the past, some brand products to leave a tingling sensation on the skin after washing especially when they have elements of tea tree in them and this was not the case in this instance.

For me, this has worked well as an everyday go to face wash and i have been using it since January with no complaints.

It is very important for me to give an honest review of products that i use, therefore although this product is supposed to help with troublesome skin, i haven't been able to assess this aspect of it, as my skin has been on it's best behaviour thus far. However in terms of choosing a face wash that will keep my face feeling clean and fresh, this product definitely did that for me.


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