Monday, 10 December 2012

Back Like I Never Left

Not exactly but I'm sure you get the gist, I am sure you have all noticed (hopefully) my absence from the bloggingsphere for over a month. In a nutshell, I have been going through what i can only describe as positive changes, hopefully i will be able to reveal details in due course.

Along the line there has been telecommunication drama hehe, i am still without a telephone line and Internet in my house and i am currently blogging with a dongle thanks to all the issues i have been having with BT. I want to vent so much about it but i think i have done enough already on twitter, so if you want the scoop, head on over to my twitter @treschicglobal to find out more about my BTwoes.

In any case, I am back, i have taken quite a few pictures, been to Paris etc which i will hopefully be sharing with you all in due time. Hope all has been well with all my readers and i haven't missed much.

In case your wondering, I am wearing my favourite charm bracelets from Roberto Cavalli & vintage silver bracelet watch.


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