Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ain't nobody's business but mine & my scarf

This picture epitomises how i feel right now,  COLD!!!!!!  

England is cold, all kinds of COLD, and all i can think of is layering up and keeping warm. I have reinforcements in place to ward of this unwanted frost, big chunky scarfs & a big bad faux fur snood which will feature in posts to come.

This is the faux fur snood i purchased recently from Linea in House of Fraser, it is amazeballs, i love it, warm cosy & stylish, instantly upgrades your look....get the look HERE and even better it is now half price on their site, thank me later.

Anyway just thought i'd drop in quickly, say hi before i settle in with my cup of Tetley with evaporated milk & catch up on flashpoint on universal.

Scarf- Accessorize
Snood - Linea (House of Fraser)

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