Tuesday, 11 September 2012

And there was summer

Mother nature decided to shine her bright lights on us this past weekend & my friends and i were not about to let the glorious sunshine go to waste.

It was a fun filled weekend which started off with a spa day with my mum on saturday, facials & massages, just what the doctor ordered. Then in the evening my friends & i headed off to North London for BBQ which turned into a house party, 10pm finish turned into 1am, my kinda party.

The food served at the BBQ deserves it's own paragraph, it was DELICIOUS!!! firstly i must point out that the BBQ was hosted by boys, so naturally i didn't have very high hopes for the food being served, and before you trail off saying assumptions, assumptions, i know, but i can't help it, sue me. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the food was BOOM, the seasoning was tres on point, the flavour penetrated right down to the bone, and best of all it was seasoned and cooked by the boys, so i was well impressed. By now, i'm sure you have guessed that i am a major foodie yeah yeah yeah

On Sunday, my friend Chichi & i headed off to Primrose hill for the vintage fair, we were quite late and arrived when it was almost finished, however i still managed to stumble upon a gorgeous vintage bracelet watch, jewellery is my kryptonite. There is another vintage fair coming up at the end of the month hopefully i'll be able to make it to that one too and be on time.

Finally we grabbed a quick dinner at Busaba before heading off to Hyde park to meet some more friends where we stumbled upon the BBC Radio 2 live in hyde park concert, free music and great atmosphere.

All in all i had a great weekend, hope you all did too.

PS: night time pictures were taken on my iphone hence the quality, i'll try and do better next time :(

H&M asymmetric dress (2010)

For some reason i love this blurry picture of Steph

Added in this full length picture as i didn't take one at the BBQ
worn here with Topshop sandals & big sis's Jimmy Choo bag

Topshop Dress
KG slippers
Bag- Gucci

This dress is 2 sizes too big, but it was the last one they had & i was in love with it especially the back...naturally i decided to cinch the waist with a belt to make it wearable and less drowning...thoughts, does anyone else do this?

Vintage bracelet watch #loveatfirstsight

Stranger posing :)

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