Monday, 20 August 2012

Casually Comfortable

I wore this relatively understated look to work the other day, i was in one of those all black everything moods. However after a little thought, and for fear of inflicting my somewhat dark mood on others, i decided to add a touch of floral to brighten my day.

You may have noticed that i practically live in my Kurt Gieger jelly bow slippers, that's because they are the most comfortable things ever and so free. I don't like to be restricted at work by my footwear, so during the summer i take advantage of the fact that i can wear these kind of slippers to work.

One may have also noticed that one seems to always wear one's hair in an up do, this is not totally by choice. Here is how the story goes, last summer, i decided to experiment with my hair out of totally boredom, i dyed it *insert tears*. This was the second worst hair decision of my life, everything was going swimmingly well, i loved the colour, i was steaming and treating it, however suddenly two months ago my hair started showing signs of breaking *insert further tears*

Long story short, my hair is in recovery mode, my luscious thick locks are now somewhat thin. I am currently nursing it back to health with organic & reconstruction products, therefore until it gets back to it's former glory, i just can't bear to see my thin ponytail out *sniff*

PS: My boyfriend absolutely hates the 'bun' look but tough because for now, it is here to stay unless i have weave in.

Trousers - H&M 'Conscious collection'
Bag- Zara

Blouse - Primark

Sunday is definitely family day in my house, we all gather together and just chilllllllll & eattttttt, here i am posing with my older brother.

I had on my stay at home scarf and when my niece wanted to take a pic, i grabbed my other brother's cap & voila

Basic T-shirt- Gap
Shorts - H&M


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