Friday, 29 June 2012

Quarter End Shenanigans

I can't believe i haven't blogged in almost a month, it makes me seem so lazy considering my blog had only been up for just over a month before my mini hiatus. Well, i would like to dispell any notion you have of me being a lazy so & so, i actually have a very good reason; i went on HOLIDAY!!!! 

I took a well deserved vacation from everything and trotted off to Nigeria, got back on sunday and i am having a difficult time readjusting to normality. Normality which doesn't involve going to bed at ungodly hours, waking up at whenever o'clock, club hopping, eating and drinking without a care in the world & seeing my boyfriend. So there you have it, my rock solid reason.

Anyway, today is the final day of Q2 at work, which means we got to leave at 3pm as a thank you for all the hardwork throughout the quarter; this is one of the perks of the day job i like. As as result, some of my friends at work and i decided to do a spot of shopping in town and then head to Cirencester for Sushi.

It was what i would call a power shop, short but productive with a  few bargains snagged.

If you don't already know, it is SALE season in the UK, all the major stores have mark downs which is great. My favourtie items from my mini haul are the pearl and gold necklace, i literally can't wait to wear it, despite the lady bug on it, it is still very chic. Also i have been on the hunt for some green accessories and voila i found the cutest green sandals in H&M, they actually didn't have my size left but i loved the sandals so much, i bought a size up.

After shopping we headed off to Cirencester which is a town in the Cotswold district. It was my very first time visiting despite it being less than 30 minutes away from good old Swindon.

I fell in love instantly with the Cirencester stone houses and the beautiful country lanes. It is definately my kind of place to have a mini weekend getaway.

We ate at a Japanese restaurant called Soushi, the food was lovely. We had the Nami Moriawase platter & sweet chilli prawns for starters, and i had Teriyaki Sirloin steak for my main. Everything was DELICIOUS, i would definately recommend it if your ever in this neck of the woods.

Pearl necklace- house of fraser
Animal print trousers- H&M
Green Sandals - H&M
Faux leather & Gold bracelet - H&M
White & Gold Sandals - Topshop


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