Thursday, 3 May 2012

Anna Dello Russo + H&M = Accessory GOLD

I was just musing yesterday about how amazing accessories are, and how much i love them, and BAM H&M hit us with the news that they have collaborated with ADR on an accessory collection to be launched in October.

In case you live under a rock and don't know who ADR is :), Anna Dello Russo is the editor-at-large and creative consultant of Vogue Japan; and in my opinion the ultimate IDGAF fashionista. ADR wears what she wants, how she wants and when she wants; a 'no respecter' of trends and an extremely stylish HBIC.

Like many out there when i first heard of this collaboration, i expected extra crazy and over the top items. Instead the sneak peak of the upcoming collection showcases a combination of classy and bold statement pieces that will compliment any wardrobe.

As stated on twitter, i have my eyes firmly on the gold clutch with the turquoise stones..... i will gladly queue up and claw my way through the store for this clutch :), only snag is we have to wait till October grrrrrrrrrr

ADR for H&M pics below, treschic or what???

My BAG  *hearts & sparks*

I really have to hand it to H&M, they have done extremely well when it comes to choosing designers to collaborate with and coming up with designs that their customer base can actually wear and will love.

Some pics of H&M's  recent collaborations below

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Even the packaging was treschic

See full Marni for H&M collection HERE

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